Friday, September 10, 2010

About me....

A friend of mine asked me to start doing this, because I have been so against blogging here it goes!
I guess I should start out with myself...

So, here we go...
I was born in a little town on top of a little hill, with a little name of Denver! I was brought to Oklahoma a couple of months later with my mom and dad and have happily been living my life here for 28 (almost 29 eek!!) years!

I have one sister who is married, which gave me a brother-in-law. From that fine duo came my two nieces and my nephew! I love my family and they have all taught me so much during my life...I am constantly amazed at how I see myself shaping and forming constantly into little pieces of all of them. I always hear things like; that sounds like something your mom would say, or you and your dad have the same sense of humor! My favorite of all time is when people tell me I look just like one of them!! Seeing that I'm adopted, it just goes to show that when you around people your whole life you tend to start acting like them and looking them!! Craziness!!

I just graduated college with my Bachelors in Elementary Education, after many failed attempts at other majors which include but are not limited to; marketing, management, general business, computer science, and interior design! Yes, I changed majors with the seasons!! I have found myself in the midst of this market which limits my talents and laughs at my degree, so I have found work elsewhere until the time where teachers of all shapes, sizes, and years of experience are offered the same chance!

I work for a non-profit, which helps inner city youth and adults! I love what I do because I still get to work closely with children!! Working with children is a passion of mine, and I tend to be driven by my passions (which of course the majority of people are)! I think children can teach us so much about life, love and help us look at the world and issues around us in a different perspective. Example?? I was walking my dogs the other day, and a little girl stopped to pet my little Layla Bean! Layla has issues with rowdy children and she gets a little wild and barks and jumps up and down. The girls mom told her to be careful, as I was trying to contain my wild child! Layla finally settled down, and let the little girl pet her. After a minute the little girl just smiled and said...I think she needs her mommy to teach her manners! Something I would have never thought, but such a smart remark for a little girl to know the important role her parents play in her life!!

Layla Bean Farley Pants

That's pretty much it about me! I have been given some "creative prompts" which I will be following up with sometime soon...This is part of this whole new world of "blogs" for me! As a teacher I thought it was funny when asked to follow some of these, because my friend is also a teacher and we often give our kids assignments such as this and expect miracles on paper! So I'm finding out just how "easy" we make this sort of thing out to be!!

I have often been told my eyes tell stories. I may not wear my heart on my sleeve, and sometimes I am harder to break into than a plastic covered toy or gift on Christmas morning...but my eyes tell my story!!

"In her eyes a thought grew sweeter and sweeter, deepening like the dawn, a mystical forewarning."

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